Brian Frankel, attorney and art collector, attended the Art Basel Miami Beach earlier this month. His observations on three events dealing with law and the arts appeared in the ArtDaily (for the full story here).

“1. The Art Salon Discussion on Authenticity and the Law.
John Cahill, Donn Zaretsky, and Jo Backer Laird discussed issues involving authenticity of art. The market value of a piece of art depends on its authenticity. . . .

2. The Art Salon Discussion on Things to Know When Buying Art.
Josh Baer and Kenny Schachter spoke about the art market and key considerations for art buyers. They discussed how New York is still a major art center, but how London and Hong Kong have risen in stature. . . .

3. AXA Art Insurance Corporation booth.
Art insurance is available to protect art purchases. The art insurer helps to protect investments and minimize risks. Insurance companies can provide helpful information and effective strategies to ensure expensive art investments remain safe. . . .”