The Art Newspaper (February 2011) reports that two of London’s most powerful dealers are about to be locked in a legal battle. The dispute centres around Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawing of the Madonna and Child with St Anne and a Lamb, sold via Simon C. Dickinson Ltd and Luxembourg Art Ltd. for $7M to US buyer Nasser Kazeminy (The Art Newspaper, January 2011).  When Kazeminy returned the drawing to Dickinson, the original owner learned of the price Kazeminy paid and sued Dickinson for breach of fiduciary duty and commission fees. London’s High Court ruled for Accidia against Dickinson in November 2010.

According to Dickinson’s spokesman: “Following the Accidia judgment, our lawyers have been instructed to issue proceedings against Ms Luxem­bourg and her associated companies for full indemnity for the company’s loss.”  Luxembourg’s legal representative told The Art News­paper: “Luxembourg Art Ltd trusted Simon C. Dickinson when it agreed in writing that it was acting for the buyer.”

The loss is unspecified yet, but it could exceed £1.5m.