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At the crossroads of visual arts and the law.

Our Mission

The Center for Art Law is a research and education nonprofit providing resources, programs, and training in visual arts and cultural heritage law.

What We Do

From our offices in DUMBO, Brooklyn, NY, we serve artists and students, academics and legal practitioners, collectors and dealers, government officials and professionals in related fields around the world.

Founded in 2009, our art law blog has evolved to a research and education center, as we expanded and became a 501(c)(3) nonprofit in 2018. We have been striving to create a coherent and collegial art law community. Today a recognized asset to the art law sphere, Center for Art Law is a centralized resource for art and cultural heritage law.

How We Do It

We operate at three levels:

  • Our website contains research articles and constitutes a database of resources in the field of art law, including useful links, art law courses, and law firms with art law practices;
  • Our monthly and colorful Art Law Blast newsletter keeps subscribers updated about art and law-related news, events, case law, and publications; and
  • Our cultural and educational events include CLE programs, Art Law Mixers, our popular “You’ve Been Served” film screenings, and studio tours. We also promote worldwide events on our calendar.

Throughout the year, we work closely with major New York law schools, bar associations, law firms, galleries, and other nonprofits, and we participate in discussions about proposed legislation, such as the merits of instituting a federal resale royalty right in the United States and diversity in arts-related organizations.

We welcome new participants and feedback as to how we can continue improving our offerings.

Irina Tarsis, Esq.
Founding Director
Center for Art Law

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