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AI’s and Art Authentication

Center for Art Law invites you to the new series of events, Some Like it Digital, as the art world glows bright hot with possibilities promised by everything computers (AI, ML, NFT, R2D2). Our first event on AI and Art Authentication comes to you from Crypt Valley in Switzerland, almost.

In the world of art authentication who wins the ultimate battle of accuracy–man or machine? The Center for Art Law is excited to announce its first event in a series it fondly calls “Let’s Get Digital,” an Art Law Lunch Talk on the concepts of AI and Art Authentication. This event will be led by Fançoise Birnholz, business lawyer and business angel, Dr. Carina Popovici, CEO and Co-Founder of Art Recognition AG, and moderated by the Center for Art Law’s Founding Director, Irina Tarsis.

Françoise Birnholz is a business lawyer with significant international experience having held senior positions in major global financial institutions. She has been involved in digital and technology issues not only related to banking, but also for her personal interest as a contemporary art collector. She is an experienced Business Angel investing in early-stage companies mainly in Tech. She is a speaker at conferences about the blockchain, in particular DLT. She recently co-authored an Essay “Back to the Future: Sorting Old Law from New Technology in Blockchain Smart Contract Applications & Assessing the Need for Regulation” presently in final review by the George Washington Law Review, online publication “Arguendo”. One of the examples in the essay describes the use of the blockchain to ensure the authentication of works of art thus helping the fight against counterfeiting and establishing provenance. She is the proud owner of an NFT.

Carina Popovici is a co-founder and CEO of Art Recognition, a Zurich based art tech startup which offers to the art world an AI Engine for art authentication and forgery detection. While being an art lover, she is also an experienced programmer, having developed in the past AI algorithms with applications in physics and finance. Carina received a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Tübingen and has been a postdoctoral research fellow in Physics, before taking up an appointment as a quantitative risk specialist at Credit Suisse. Now, Art Recognition is one of the few Swiss startups operating at the forefront of AI, entirely founded and led by women.

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