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Art & Law Auction 2021

“I know that art has the energy to change minds and art. Art is a powerful source of fact and joy.” 

Robert Rauschenberg

Art provides us with comfort, the power of expression, and inspiration for the future. In celebration of art’s invaluable role in society and in furtherance of our mission to support the arts and law community, the Center for Art Law is thrilled to announce its Art & Law Auction 2021, and we would be honored to feature your donations! 

The Center for Art Law is a Brooklyn-based nonprofit organization that offers educational resources and programming for the advancement of a vibrant arts and law community worldwide. In 2019, the Center held its first annual Art & Law Auction celebrating its ten-year anniversary, both online and live at the Taylor | Graham Gallery. The 2019 Auction proved to be a fantastic experience, as it offered artists exposure, promoted meaningful artworks, and raised much-needed funds to sustain and expand the Center’s efforts in promoting scholarship, education, and innovation in the field of art law. This year, the Center plans to accomplish all of that and more—and that is where you come in! 

The Center invites the art and legal community to contribute to the Art & Law Auction 2021 and to become esteemed benefactors of this year’s fundraising efforts. 

The Center aims to hold its Auction in January 2021 through an online platform. The funds raised will enable the Center to continue its valuable services in the coming year — including hosting the Visual Artists’ Immigration Clinic, teaching Art & Law Workshops, and keeping its monthly Art Law Blast free — for the benefit of artists, scholars, and professionals worldwide who turn to the Center for help in navigating art law. And this year, the Center is committed to sharing 10% of the sales price with donating artists!

If you believe in our mission and are interested in contributing to the 2021 Auction, we kindly encourage you to consult the guidelines below to determine if your proposed donation is compatible with our goals. If so, please complete the Art & Law Auction 2021 Lot Submission Form below to provide us with further information regarding your contribution. 
Thank you for your generosity and support of the Center for Art Law!

Please contact Marla Katz, Auction Coordinator, at with further questions.

EXTENDED deadline for submissions: December 14, 2020

Guidelines for Submissions

The terms below indicate the default rules that benefactors must adhere to in order for their lots to be featured in the Art & Law Auction 2021 (if accepted).

The Center for Art Law will review all submissions using the form above by December 14, 2020. Shortly thereafter, the Center will communicate whether the proposed contribution will be featured in the Art & Law Auction 2020. All accepted lots will be confirmed in a written agreement. 

The Center for Art Law reserves the right to use discretion in accepting or refusing proposed contributions. 

(1) Eligible Contributions

  • Art Lots: the Center invites contributions in the form of a work of the visual arts (e.g., drawings, paintings, photographs, prints, sculptures, etc.), with a minimum estimated value of $100.00.
  • Non-Art & Experiential Lots: the Center also invites contributions in the form of non-art items (e.g. books, catalogue raisonnés, subscriptions, etc.), or experiences (e.g., 1:1 conversations, studio tours, gallery tours, tickets to a performance, tickets to a museum, etc.), with a minimum estimated value of $100.00. 

(2) Title

The Benefactor warrants good and clear title to the submitted Lot and understands that, if accepted, the Lot will be sold at public auction, the proceeds of which will benefit the Center for Art Law. The Benefactor will not transfer possession or ownership of the Lot to the Center for Art Law.

(3) Artist Royalty 

If the Lot is in the form of a work of visual art donated by its artist, the Center for Art Law is committed to sharing ten percent (10%) of the final, individual sale price with the Artist Benefactor.

(4) Delivery

The Benefactor must arrange for delivery of the Lot to the Purchaser within 30 days of the completion of the Art & Law Auction 2021, unless otherwise agreed to. The Center for Art Law will not cover the costs of shipping.

The Purchaser must cover the costs of shipping, including proper insurance in the event of loss or damage to the Lot.

If you have any questions on a lot you intend to donate to the Center for Art Law, please contact us.

Love our work? Please make a donation today to advance the study and dissemination of art law.

From copyright and contract law to immigration law, authenticity issues, and Nazi-era looted art, the Center for Art Law offers training opportunities to artists, attorneys, students, and scholars to further protect art and cultural heritage

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