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Summer 2017

Ivory trade update: from elephant to mammoth On August 3, 2017, nearly two tones of ivory was pulverized in New York City’s Central Park as a message to the elephant poachers that their efforts are futile and destructive to the environment. Reactions were mixed, some attendees of the ceremony were hopeful that the destruction would hurt and discourage poachers, dealers, and collectors, others were upset that beautiful and potentially important pieces were destroyed with inconsequential effect on poaching.

Reportedly ivory carving businesses in China is in search for alternative medium to wan itself of elephant ivory are turning to working with mammoth tusks. New environmental issues are surely looming as the primary source of the mammoth bones is the Russian tundra. Apparently “collecting the tusks like berries or mushrooms on the tundra is allowed in Russia…” but the growing need for materials will encourage illicit excavations.