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Cash Cow or Golden Bull: A Fairy Tale of Banksy Street Art

All things come in threes, or God loves Trinity/Trebling.

Street art is a relatively young form of artistic expression (if you discount commissioned and solicited murals, frescos and such art works on immovable surfaces). There is much street art community can learn from the classical literature, such as the fairy tales. in 1834 Alexander Pushkin wrote his tale of the Golden Cockerel, about an inanimate object that was affixed to the spire of the kingdom to ward it from enemies. The very king who was meant to be protected by the Cockerel met his end from the golden bird. The story ends with a two-liner, loosely translated as “This fairy tale is a fiction (lie), but it contains a clue/A lesson for the young and audacious.”

According to Vladimir Propp’s Morphology of the Folk Tale, the rule of three is an effective tool of telling a tale. This story is true, and yet there is a lesson in it for the audacious (street artists, collectors, masons)

Girl Under Surveilance

Out of a Barrel

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