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The Center’s webinars have become a staple of our offerings for the art law community worldwide. Speakers from across the globe share their expertise and insights with a worldwide audience of attorneys, artists and arts professionals, researchers, faculty, and students of both disciplines. Recordings of past events are available to Premium Members only.

Watch the recordings:

September 30, 2021: AI’s and Art Authentication with Françoise Birnholz, Dr. Carina Popovici, and Irina Tarsis

In the world of art authentication who wins the ultimate battle of accuracy–man or machine? A discussion on the concepts of AI and Art Authentication. 

September 10, 2021: Valuing and Preserving Legacy of Immigrant Artists with Donna Thompson Ray, Mandy Estinville, and Irina Tarsis

A discussion about the legacy of diaspora artists in the United States.

July 8, 2021: Starting From Scratch: Provenance Research and Lost Art Databases with Marc Masurovky

A workshop to identify key questions that must be asked when conducting provenance research, as well as explore select resources available for reconstructing trajectory of objects that have been looted and displaced as a result of the ascent of the Nazis to power in 1933. 

Keeping Artistic Legacy | Center for Art Law

July 7, 2021: Keeping Artistic Legacy with Sekou Campbell, Sing Lee Lathan, and Irina Tarsis

What to do after the Foundation is formed? A discussion surrounding what it takes to develop and maintain the artist’s post-mortem legacy.

Too Good to be True | Center for Art Law

June 30, 2021: Too Good To Be True with Judd Tully, Emily Reisbaum, and Irina Tarsis

A discussion surrounding the chore of spotting and weeding out fakes from the art historical records, academic, and market.

demystifying art funds | center for art law

June 22, 2021: Demystifying Art Funds with Freda Isingoma, Christian Parker, Irina Tarsis

Webinar focuses on the question: What is an art fund and how do you form one?

estate planning for artists, art preservation | center for art law

June 16, 2021: An Enduring Statement with Matthew Erskine, Charlie Hewitt, Irina Tarsis

An estate attorney and artist discuss the importance and how-tos of planning to preserve the artists’ legacy.

Heavy Lifting in Public Art | Center for Art Law

April 21, 2021: Heavy Lifting In Public Art with Kenseth Armstead, Sarah Odenkirk, Irina Tarsis

Webinar focuses on Public Art’s legal and practical challenges based on its unique nature.

Business and Legal Considerations for Multidisciplinary Artists | Center for Art Law

April 20, 2021: Getting Wise About Inspiration with Signe Pierce, Anibal Luque, Irina Tarsis

Webinar focuses on navigating trademarks, copyrights, business formation, branding as an “artepreneur”.

art collecting and copyright | center for art law

April 14, 2021: From Analog To Digital with Sylvain Levy, Katharina Garbers-von Boehm, Irina Tarsis

Webinar focuses on the legal and business implications of collecting digital art, digitizing collections, and intellectual property.

Ethics of third-party commissions in sales of art | Center for Art Law

March 31, 2021: Pick A Number And Stick To It with Sandrine Giroud, Elizabeth Von Habsburg, Irina Tarsis

An art attorney and an art appraiser and advisor explain the dos and don’ts of using third-party representatives in art sales.

fraud, art fraud, art law, event

March 10, 2021: Lessons Not Learned with Eileen Kinsella, Dean Nicyper, Irina Tarsis

Walk down memory lane with Larry Salander, Michel Cohen, David Ramos, Knoedler Gallery, Jonathan Poole, Ezra Chowaiki, and Inigo Philbrick.

appraisals, estates, tax, art law, event

March 3, 2021: Covering Your Basis with Evie Joselow, Pamela Grutman, Irina Tarsis

A tax attorney and an art appraiser explain the dos and don’ts of transferring artworks from an artist or collector estate and more.


teaching art law online event

January 27, 2021: Teaching Art Law (and now online) with Herbert Lazerow, Judith Prowda, Irina Tarsis

Before classes resume, let’s talk about what it means to be teaching and learning art law.

, cultural property, international, art law

December 15, 2020: UNESCO Convention Turns 50 with Karin Orenstein, Robert Wittman, Irina Tarsis

Half a Century of Fighting Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property.

art law, profit, legal tools, monetize

December 11, 2020: Buck For Your Art with Jana Farmer, Gregory Pan, Irina Tarsis

IP lawyers discuss the ways to ensure that artists get fair value for their creations and brands.


provenance, art law, auctions,

November 18, 2020: Hiding in Plain Sight with Anne Laure Bandle, Robert Simon, Irina Tarsis

What’s in a name? Art dealers and attorneys are on standby to help answer the question collectors and the general public have about the attribution of art. As art’s attribution changes so does its market value.

art law, legal lab, technology

September 28, 2020: Serpentine Legal Lab with Alana Kushnir, Marie Potel-Saville, Yayoi Shionori, Irina Tarsis

Join the Center for Art Law in a discussion with Serpentine Galleries R&D Platform Legal Lab about legal design, art and tech collaboration.

art law basics, cultural heritage, banking, copyright, fair use

September 22, 2020: ABCs of Art Law with Daphne Chen-Matthews, Matthew Giger, Amelia Sargent, Irina Tarsis

Join the Dartmouth Lawyers Association and the Center for Art Law for a discussion on the ABCs of Art Law.


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