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Let us feature your art (Art & Law Auction 2019)

Center for Art Law is partnering with Paddle8 for our first charitable auction to celebrate our ten-year anniversary in the spring 2019. 

Tomokazu Matsuyama, 2018, NYC

The Center for Art Law brings together two seemingly far removed worlds: law and the arts. Our mission is to provide artists and students of both disciplines with the right tools to know and protect their legal rights, with the intention to generate transparency in the art market.

We create resources for artists and partner with art spaces, studios, and nonprofits to engage artist communities. To continue funding this effort, we will hold a charitable auction celebrating our ten-year anniversary in 2019, and would appreciate if you could support the Center by donating an artwork.

Aside from great exposure, a dedicated feature on our website, and extensive marketing from us and Paddle8, you will be showing your support for our work. You will be able to deduct the value of your supplies from your taxable income (we wrote an interesting article about it).

As our first ever auction, we are confident that we can gather a spectacular collection of paintings, photographs, drawings, or collages etc. that will reflect the variety of artists who have enjoyed the Center’s work over the years. You are our “art” in “art law” and this is your chance to be an integral part of a meaningful event.

If you are interested in joining forces, please fill in the form below with information about you and the work you intend on donating, such as: size, material, weight, location, estimated price, etc. We can arrange for shipment or pick up.

All artists are welcome!