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Visual Artists’ Immigration Clinic

The Center for Art Law is delighted to announce the launch of its Visual Artists’ Immigration Clinic, designed to guide emerging visual artists through the process of obtaining a visa to the United States.

Following a 20-minute presentation on best practices and practical steps for O-1 and EB-1A visas, participating artists will be paired with an immigration attorney for an initial 20-minute consultation, which may result in an opportunity to work with the attorney throughout the application process. 

Please be sure to read the information below to ensure that you come fully prepared for the Clinic.

If you have any questions about changes to immigration policy due to the COVID-19 outbreak, information can be found on the USCIS website.

Interested in learning more about the Clinic? Read our report and contact us to discuss partnership opportunities, volunteer attorney applications, and sponsorship.

Upcoming Sessions

Stay tuned!

Volunteer Attorneys

Michael CataliottiCataliotti Law, NY

Ryan Morgan Knight Palm Global Immigration PLLC, FL & DC

Tafiya KhanCovey Law, NY

Rebecca LenetskyStropheus, NY

Rakhel S. Milstein | Milstein Law Group, NY

Betina SchlossbergSchlossberg Legal, MI

Teresa Woods PeñaWoods Law Group, NY

Kimberly XavierCovey Law, NY

Nadia Zaidi | Roam Immigration, NY

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer attorney? Please contact us.

Past Sessions & Co-Hosts

New York Foundation for the Arts
January 30, 2020 (in-person)
March 24, 2020 (online)


The Visual Artists’ Immigration Clinic is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

The Visual Artists’ Immigration Clinic is sponsored, in part, by the Wolf Kahn and Emily Mason Foundation.

Media Features

Hyperallergic, Centering Immigrant Artists, From Advising on Visa Applications to Responding to Xenophobia, by Dessane Lopez Cassell, April 21, 2020.

Hyperallergic, Center for Art Law in New York Launches an Immigration Clinic for Visual Artists, by Hakim Bishara, January 10, 2020.

Artnet News, It’s Harder Than Ever for Artists to Get Visas to the United States. But an Army of Volunteer Lawyers Wants to Help, by Caroline Goldstein, January 8, 2020.

Press Release (PDF)


Who may register?

We encourage participation by visual artists who wish to build and strengthen their case for applications over the next 6-12 months.

The 1:1 consultations that occur at the Clinic are not suitable for artists with urgent immigration issues. However all visual artists are welcome to attend and listen to the presentation.

Pre-registration is mandatory for a $10 fee.

Do I need to attend all the sessions?

No, each day is a stand-alone session.

How do I prepare for the Clinic?

(1) Register to one session through Eventbrite.

(2) Answer the online questionnaire that will be emailed to you after registration, in order to allow us to pair you with the right attorney. The information provided will be kept confidential.

(3) Make sure that you have the following documents:

  1. A passport showing your current visa,
  2. CV or resume, and
  3. List of exhibitions and media publications about your work.

What happens after the Clinic?

The Center for Art Law will be providing immigration law guides and the contact information of the Volunteer Attorneys. If you and a Volunteer Attorney agree to engage in an attorney-client relationship, you may continue the discussion with them outside of the Clinic.


  • Attending this legal clinic does not create an attorney-client relationship.
  • The information provided during the individual strategy session does not constitute legal advice.
  • All the information shared during the Clinic will be kept confidential.
  • Attendees will be invited to schedule a more in-depth consultation with the attorneys present to more closely examine their specific situation.

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