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Oops, they did it again… and again

By Irina Tarsis*

Oops, Prince did it again

The case against Richard Prince, brought by the French photographer Patrick Cariou for unauthorized copying of his photographs that appeared in “Yes, Rasta” photography book was settled (following a Court of Appeals decision in 2014) in [DATE]. ON [DATE], Prince was subject of another copyright infringement claim.


Oops, Koons did it again

Opinions about the role of the blue chip living artists in the art history and their impact (constructive or destructive) on the art market are subject of many ongoing debates. As this author, and at least one more writer, Anthony Haden-Guest, have said — Koons seems to be an artist too big to fail. The price of producing his sculptures and the backing he received and enjoys from the collectors and dealers is well documented. What would happen if one of Koons’ balloons failed to reach the minimum of the estimate at auction? Nobody knows.

We already confessed that if we were to give “Art Law Awards to artists, Koons would be our inaugural recipient for leaving a deep mark on the legal profession with his numerous lawsuits where he appe



“Lives of Artist” (1990)