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Pick a Number and Stick to It

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An art attorney and an art appraiser and advisor explain the dos and don’ts of using third-party representatives in art sales.

What is the role of a third-party representative in an art sale, and what is their relationship to the buyer and seller? What should buyers and sellers have in mind when entering into agreements with third-party representatives? How much commission is too much commission? The sale of art raises many questions about the best practices for third-party representatives and calls upon many experts, including art attorneys, art appraisers, and art advisors, to provide their expertise.

Join us for a program with art attorney Sandrine Giroud, a partner at LALIVE, and Elizabeth Von Habsburg, Managing Director at Winston Art Group, to discuss the ethics and good practices surrounding third-party representatives in art sales. The panel will be moderated by Irina Tarsis, Founder and Managing Director of the Center for Art Law.

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