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Protect Cultural Heritage This Summer!

One Houston lawyer, Joe Gutheinz, is on a mission. He decided to take up the quest to identify and find the missing moon rocks.

The story goes as following: “Over 500 pieces of moon rocks, meteorites, and other space fragments were either stolen or have been missing since 1970, experts say. Now, a former NASA investigator is on a quest to find them. Joe Gutheinz is on the hunt for rocks brought back to Earth and then subsequently lost after being loaned to scientists, museums and agencies globally.” 

Apparently nobody or not everybody who should is keeping track of loaned rocks and they are disappearing. Few private individuals in possession of these rarities care that they may be illegally possessing federal government property.  Gutheinz hopes to increase security in museums and return some of the missing rocks back to the display cases. What is your summer resolution?


Houston lawyer Joe Gutheinz on quest to identify and find missing moon rocks

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