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Serpentine Legal Lab

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Join the Center for Art Law in a discussion with Serpentine Galleries R&D Platform Legal Lab about legal design, art and tech collaboration.

About this event

Why would an art gallery in London be concerned with climate emergencies or legal design? Established 50 years ago, in 1970, the Serpentine Galleries makes it their business to explore connections between art and climate change, equality and education, new technologies and law. One of their initiatives, the Serpentine’s R&D Legal Lab, is testing and fostering forward-thinking legal solutions for the art field.

Spanning the globe, don’t miss the discussion led by the Center for Art Law with attorneys Alana Kushnir in Melbourne, Marie Potel-Saville in Paris and Yayoi Shionoiri in New York, where we examine the notion of legal design and how the law can better support collaborations across art, science, and technology.

Alana Kushnir, Founder and Director of Guest Work Agency and Principal Investigator of the Serpentine Galleries R&D Platform Legal Lab;

Marie Potel-Saville, Legal designer and Founder of Amurabi; and

Yayoi Shionoiri, Art lawyer and Executive Director to the Estate of Chris Burden and the Studio of Nancy Rubins.

Moderated by Irina Tarsis, Founder and Managing Director of the Center for Art Law.

Course Materials

Disclaimer: This recording and the information presented herein do not constitute legal advice. Please use for informational purposes only. All rights reserved.