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Some Like It Digital: NFT’s and All

What is this NFTmania all about? Minting and dropping have reentered our lexicon in 2021 with vengeance. Millions spent on code and proliferation of wallets to buy and sell files. Side-effects of the fin-tech age and the pandemic have ushered in new bragging rights and lawsuits waiting to happen.

To explain NFTism in lay and law terms, join Louise Carron, Kenny Schachter and Irina Tarsis for a conversation about the abbreviation that has consumed all this year, from artists to auction houses, from collectors to art advisors. Before the ball drops in NYC this winter, look back over the highs and lows of the NFT year. After all, even if the Emperor was naked in the cautionary tale of The Emperor’s New Clothes, he remained an Emperor.

Themes to be explored:

  • copyright and licensing;
  • speculative nature of the new markets and wallets;
  • nominal storage fees and insurance costs;
  • future of resale royalty right;
  • risks associated with loss or theft;
  • prognosis for 2022.

About our Speakers:

Louise Carron, attorney with Klaris Law and former Executive Director of the Center for Art Law, is specializing her practice on IP and entertainment law. Louise is a regular contributor to the Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law (EASL) Journal published by the New York State Bar Association and she enjoys writing about street art, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and copyright issues.

Kenny Schachter, artist, curator, writer, dealer, critic, professor and attorney by training, has been at the avant-garde of making and teaching about NFTs. He coined the term NFTism and has been traveling around the world in 2021 (in person and virtually) in connection with the phenomenon.

The conversation will be moderated by Irina Tarsis, art historian, attorney, and the founding Director of the Center for Art Law.

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