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Unrest Against Gaddafi Spares Libya’s Roman Sites (for now)

It may be too early to tell but so far Libyans appear determined to safeguard their rich cultural heritage during the popular unrest against leader Muammar Gaddafi. Looting seen in neighboring Egypt’s revolution suggested that no change of authorities would occur without affecting archaeological sites.

Yet, the ArtDaily reported that cultural artifacts in Libya appeared to have been spared. “So far there are no records whatsoever of any areas from the cultural heritage of Libya being affected by the troubles,” said Hafed Walda, a Libyan who advises the country’s department of antiquities and once led an excavation at Leptis Magna. “We’re always worried about this in terms of chaos. It’s going in the right direction so far but I’m not sure it will carry on like this. I don’t know,” he said from his London base.