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What’s in the Box: A Webinar on Art Storage

Art Storage…the home of a lot of the art in the world. But there is more to the topic than just a shelf or a box in a room where you keep the art. What do you do to protect your work from natural disasters? What does a contract look like between you and a storage facility? How in the world do you even transport that priceless work of art—because an Uber or the train certainly isn’t going to cut it. Join the Center for Art Law as we discuss the nuances behind art storage. From natural disasters, liability, contracts to insurance we will discuss as much as we can in the time that we have! With guest speakers Simon Hornby, Hanoch Sheps, and moderator Irina Tarsis this conversation will be one you won’t want to miss.

About our Speakers:

Simon Hornby is Senior Vice President and General Manager of Crozier Europe, where he oversees the company’s operations and expansion initiatives. A recognized expert in developing risk assessment programs and mitigation strategies, he speaks internationally on art industry best practices at a variety of conferences and has been on numerous panels including AAM, ARCS, Appraisers Association, Transport Law Association, and lectures annually at The Sotheby’s Institute of Art London MA Art Logistics programme.

Prior to joining Crozier in 2009, Hornby served as Senior Vice President and Executive Director of Global Risk Partners, an international risk control and loss prevention firm specializing in fine art and valuables, where he was instrumental in developing the only global art storage assessment and accreditation program (GRASP) for the insurance community.

Previously, Hornby held a wide range of senior positions for 17 years at Securicor (now G4S), an international high-value logistics and security company. Hornby has worked in Hong Kong, Bangkok, Miami, New York and is currently based in London.

Hanoch Sheps is a Senior Associate at v who focuses on art law, commercial litigation and insurance coverage. He represents domestic and international commercial businesses including art galleries, insurers, auction houses, artists, private collectors, fine art transporters and storage facilities in litigation and transactional matters.

His practice also includes extensive work on insurance matters, including subrogation and coverage determinations, as well as broker liability and bad faith claims handling. Hanoch has represented various artists and businesses in matters involving authenticity and fraud, moral rights, and breaches of contract and warranty.

He regularly helps clients prepare commercial documents ranging from fine art consignment and private sale agreements to independent contractor agreements, from website terms and conditions to Bills of Lading, warehouse receipts and services agreements.


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