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Anti-Money Laundering Workshop: Compliance and Due Diligence for the Art Trade (the UK Edition)

About the Event

The Center for Art Law is so excited to discuss the Anti-Money Laundering Regulation field from the perspective of the United Kingdom. With UK art businesses receiving their first round of fines for non/late registrations as AMP’s, the time has come for the art market to wake up and smell the new reality of direct regulations. How does this affect the international art market? What do these regulations mean?

Join us as we answer these questions and more with co-founder of ArtAML, Susan J. Mumford, and Center for Art Law’s managing and founding director Irina Tarsis.

About Our Speaker

Susan J. Mumford is a sector-supporting entrepreneur for the art market. Having arrived in the UK from the USA in 2000, she ran a gallery in Soho, London, from 2006-11. When the art world entered a new era following the credit crunch, she founded the Association of Women Art Dealers (AWAD), an international multi-chapter non-profit network connecting women and women-identifying art dealers on a global basis. This was followed by the creation of Be Smart About Art, an online-accessible professional development platform that helps creative professionals thrive in a changing world. In 2018, she co-founded ArtAML, a leading technology platform supporting the art market with compliance obligations. ArtAML regularly engages with the UK civil service as a key stakeholder for AML in the art market, and in 2021 provided a response to the U.S. consultation on the subject.

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