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At the crossroads of visual arts and the law.


Irina Tarsis, Founder & Managing Director

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, Irina Tarsis, Esq. is an art historian and a practicing attorney in New York. She earned her Masters Degree in Art History from Harvard University and her J.D. from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (NY). In 2012, Irina took over what is today Center for Art Law and made it a sustainable non-profit. An active member of multiple bar associations and art law committees in New York, Irina also personally contributes to scholarship through regular publications and lectures on various topics, including resale royalty rights, due diligence in provenance research, and fair use issues affecting visual arts. 

Louise Carron, Executive Director

Born in Paris, France, Louise Carron pursued her undergraduate studies in French law and Common Law, completed by a Master’s degree in Comparative Business Law from the Université Paris Nanterre. She moved to New York to pursue an LL.M at the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (NY) and graduated in 2018. At the Center, she manages daily operations, including editing and reviewing articles and the Center’s monthly newsletter, planning and coordinating events, along with training and supervising interns. Louise has taught several workshops on legal basics for artists, including copyright law which is her main area of interest. She is admitted to practice law before the courts of New York and she believes in helping artists to protect their creations, rights, and legacies. (Photo credits:

Supporting Staff

Director of Development: Margot Steinberg (since 2019).

Guest Editors: Tess Bonoli (Newsletter, since 2019); Courtney Doagoo (2012-2016).

Non-legal Interns: Lindsay Dekter (Fall 2015); Nina Mesfin (Summer 2016); Tyler Maxin (Spring 2017); Samantha Smart (Summer 2017); Madeline Conlin (Summer 2017); Samantha Bonilla (Spring 2018); Shlomit Heering (Summer 2018); Ethan Ashley (Summer 2018); Jennie Nadel (Summer 2018); Claire Dettelbach (Summer 2018); Olivia Taylor (Fall 2018); Jennie Nadel (Spring 2019); Hannah Tager (Summer 2019); Jacqueline Crispino (Summer 2019); Cates Saleeby (Summer 2019).

Legal Interns: Lesley Sotolongo (Spring 2014); Dennis C. Abrams (Spring 2015); Melissa (YoungJae) Koo (Spring 2015); Debra Friedmann (Summer 2015); Adir Paner (Fall 2015); Scotti Hill (Summer 2016); Samantha Elie (Spring 2016); Jessica Preis (Spring 2016); Bianca Acquaviva (Spring 2016); Heather DeSerio (Spring 2017); Marine Leclinche (Spring 2017); Alexandra Terrell (May 2017); Colby Meagle (June 2017); Wylie Rechler (Summer 2017); Kathryn Moynihan (Spring 2018); Louise Carron (Spring 2018); Hanna Feldman (Summer 2018); Mia Guttmann (Spring 2019); Laurel Salisbury (Summer 2019); Timothy Chung (Summer 2019).

Postgraduate Fellows: Jessica Curley (Fall 2014), Mia Tomijima (Spring 2015); David Honig (Fall 2015 – Spring 2016); Elizabeth Weber (Spring 2016); Michelle Park (Fall 2016); Adelaide Dunn (Spring – Summer 2017); Caroline Keegan (Summer 2017).

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