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Books: Specific Art Subjects, Restoration, & Forgery

  • Allen, Greg (editor), The Deposition of Richard Prince – In the Case of Prince v. Cariou, et al (March 2013) (ISBN: 978-3952339145). “Edited by American artist and blogger Greg Allen, this book contains the published transcript of Richard Prince during the copyright infringement case against him by French photographer Patrick Cariou…In the transcripts, which cover several hours of questions and answers between Prince and the attorneys, he must defend and explain his method of working. This involves an in-depth and candid discussion about his career, life, motivations and so on quite an extraordinary encounter, considering that the artist seldom gives interviews.” Available for purchase here.
  • Beck, James, with Michael Daley, Art Restoration: The Culture, the Business and the Scandal (February 1994) (ISBN: 978-0393036701). A biographical art history, co-authored by James Beck (1930-2007), an art historian who spoke against restoration work that harmed artworks and cultural monuments.  In the 1990s, Beck was sued for and successfully defended against a criminal libel charge brought by a restorer. Available for purchase here.
  • Bennett, Michael, Praxiteles: The Cleveland Apollo (October 2013) (ISBN: 978-1907804380). “The Cleveland Apollo is most likely the only surviving original sculpture by Praxiteles, and the only life-size Greek bronze that can be securely attributed to a Greek sculptor by name. This new focus volume is both a personal account of an acquisition, and a rigorous art-historical re-examination of one of the most significant works to survive from antiquity.” Available for purchase here.
  • Charney, Noah, The Art of Forgery (May 2015) (ISBN: 978-0714867458)The Art of Forgery: Case Studies in Deception explores the stories, dramas and human intrigues surrounding the world’s most famous forgeries – investigating the motivations of the artists and criminals who have faked great works of art, and in doing so conned the public and the art establishment alike. Available for purchase here.
  • Culture in Crisis: Preserving Cultural Heritage in Conflict Zones, (April 2017) (ISBN:978-1542786249). Produced by The Antiquities Coalition in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, this book features contributions from students in the conflict management program. Each student explored a specific topic related to looting, trafficking, and destruction of cultural heritage in Syria and Iraq. The result is an interdisciplinary look at a wide range of issues in the field from both an academic and practical perspective. Available for purchase here.
  • Dutton, Denis, Forger’s Art: Forgery and the Philosophy of Art (November 1983) (ISBN: 978-0520043411). Essays examine art forgery from the perspectives of art history, criticism, aesthetics, and ethics and discuss the connection between authenticity and aesthetic value. Available for purchase here.
  • Harston, Barnet, The Trial of Gustav Graef, Art, Sex, and Scandal in Late Nineteenth-Century Germany (November 2017) (ISBN: 978-0875807676). This book covers the largely ignored “1885 trial of German artist Gustav Graef.” Graef, a celebrated sixty-four-year-old portraitist, was accused of perjury and sexual impropriety with underage models. On trial alongside him was one of his former models, the twenty-one-year-old Bertha Rother, who quickly became a central figure in the affair. The Graef trial, however, was much more than a salacious story that served as public entertainment. The case inspired fierce political debates long after a verdict was delivered, including disputes about obscenity laws, the moral degeneracy of modern art and artists, the alleged pernicious effects of Jewish influence, legal restrictions on prostitution, the causes of urban criminality, the impact of sensationalized press coverage, and the requirements of bourgeois masculine honor.” Available for purchase here.
  • Hauser-Schaublin, Brigitta and Prott, Lyndel V. (editors)Cultural Property and Contest Ownership: The Trafficking of Artifacts and the Quest for Restitution (June 2016) (ISBN: 978-1138188839). This book explores how highly-valued cultural goods are traded and negotiated among diverging parties and their interests. This interdisciplinary volume provides the first book-length investigation of the changing behaviors resulting from the effect of the 1970 UNESCO Convention on the Means of Prohibiting and Preventing the Illicit Import, Export and Transfer of Ownership of Cultural Property. Available for purchase here.
  • Levy, Reynold, They Told Me Not to Take that Job: Tumult, Betrayal, Heroics, and the Transformation of the Lincoln Center (May 2015) (ISBN: 978-1610393614) Described as “more than a memoir of life at the heart of one of the world’s most prominent cultural institutions. It is also a case study of leadership and management in action. How Levy and his colleagues triumphantly steered Lincoln Center—through perhaps the most tumultuous decade of its history to a startling transformation—is fully captured in his riveting account.” Available for purchase here.
  • Pryor, Riah,Crime and the Art Market (June 2016) (ISBN: 978-1848221710). Taking the perspectives of a journalist and a criminal researcher, Pryor examines high-profile criminal cases, illuminating concerns relevant to the art market’s behavior. Available for purchase here.
  • Redmond-Cooper, Ruth (editor)Heritage Ancestry and Law: Principles, Policies and Practice in Dealing with Human Remains (May 2015) (ISBN 978-1903987377). This topical collection of essays examines such questions as: the extent to which holding institutions should disclose the presence and identity of human remains in their collections; the implications of the discovery and movement of deceased monarchs and other persons of importance; the impact of the ECHR and national legislation on the holding and treatment of human remains; ecclesiastical attitudes; and the obligations of those involved in construction projects where human remains are discovered. Available for purchase here.
  • Scott, David A.,Art: Authenticity, Restoration, Forgery (December 2016) (ISBN: 978-1938770081). Scott delves into a sophisticated and informative account of the authenticity of art from ancient to contemporary times. Available for purchase here.
  • Van Pouck, Björn and Elise LuongStreet Art Today: The 50 Most Influential Street Artists Today (2016) (ISBN:978-9401426978). This volume offers a topical and contemporary overview of the most influential street artists and their work as well as the most important schools. The authors compiled this who’s who of contemporary street art in collaboration with a range of artists. Available for purchase here.