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International Courses

Law Schools

Luiss Master in Art Law (LL.M) This program comprehensively addresses all the various legal issues involved in the overall regulation of the art sector. Through classes, workshops, case studies, seminars, conferences along with the establishment of a direct contact with art specialist lawyers, art industry experts, consultants and academics, the LL.M fosters the development of professional competences and personal skills, preparing participants for numerous career opportunities. The program is open to professionals wishing to acquire or to advance their knowledge of the key aspects of Art Law from an international and European perspective. Rome, Italy.

Queen Mary University in London: Art, Business, and Law LLM This program partners with the Institute of Art and Law (IAL) and draws “upon the expertise of existing members of CCLS staff and directs the focus of this expertise towards the legal aspects of doing business in the art world. CCLS members of staff will team up with IAL instructors (who are practitioners in this field) to offer an exciting and innovative approach to learning. Internationally recognized, IAL delivers, through its educational and publishing programs, a depth of knowledge unrivaled elsewhere.” London, UK.

Université Lyon III Jean Moulin: Master Droit et Fiscalité du Marché de l’Art L’objectif de cette filière consiste à former, dans une démarche ouverte au-delà du droit et de la seule théorie, des juristes appréciés des professionnels du marché de l’Art, mais également de leurs partenaires et conseils. Lyon, France.

Université Paris Saclay: Master Droit du Patrimoine Culturel Cette formation vise à conférer une connaissance théorique et pratique du droit du patrimoine culturel directement utilisable dans la pratique professionnelle au sein d’organismes ou d’entreprises publiques ou privées, nationales ou internationales. Sceaux, France.

University of Geneva: Art Law Centre (Marc-André Renold) The goal of the Art-Law Centre is to promote and coordinate research and work on the most current questions of art law; it follows an interdisciplinary approach to the subject by including people from both the art world and the legal world. Geneva, Switzerland.

University of York: Art Law LL.M This program is a unique collaborative and interdisciplinary course, co-taught by academic specialists from York Law School and the Department of History of Art. Students will gain a deep understanding of the complex legal, artistic, social and ethical issues in the art world, and learn essential skills of analysis and negotiation. A wide range of networking opportunities and masterclasses – in addition to a compulsory field trip – means that students will gain practical, in-depth knowledge of the field, invaluable for careers in the trade or further academic study. York, UK.

University of Zurich: Executive Master in Art Market Studies This Executive Master trains graduates who are currently active or pursuing a career related to the art market. They offer an independent and rigorous program designed by leading professionals and academics to meet today’s challenges. The teaching staff includes more than 60 international art market specialists and scholars who share their knowledge, experience and network with the students. Zurich, Switzerland.


Other Courses

Christie’s Education: MA in Art, Law and Business Described as an intensive 15-month Master’s (MSc) designed to give unrivaled access to the art market, Christie’s MA is a program that explores the important ethical and legal aspects of working in the commercial art world at the same time as giving you the opportunity to study the History of Art. London, UK.

CIPAC Federation des Professionnels de l’art contemporain/Federation of Contemporary Art Professionals CIPAC aims at responding to the demands of art market professionals, and to provide them with the tools necessary to their profession. They have two types of training: a semester-based program, or a flexible program dedicated to specific structures. Paris, France.

Institute of Art and Law The Institute of Art and Law is an educational organization giving knowledge and perspective to all involved in the worlds of art, antiquities and law. IAL runs distance learning and intensive courses on art and museums law, as well as convening seminars, study groups and conferences both in the United Kingdom and abroad. London, UK.

Institute of Information, Telecommunication, and Media: Art Law Clinic This program is a cooperation between the Academy of Fine Arts Münster and the Institute of Information, Telecommunication and Media law – Civil Law Department. Upper-level law students provide art students with assistance with basic legal issues that arise during their studies. The program also gives students an entry point and further information on the topic of art law. It is free for students of the Academy of Fine Arts Münster. Münster, Germany.

University of Auckland Faculty of Art: Art Crime explores the growing trend of art crime through a focus on theft, illicit antiquities, looting, vandalism and forgery. These will be examined within the context of global and New Zealand case studies, including the theft of the “Mona Lisa” in 1911, Nazi looting in World War II and thefts during the Iraq War in 2003. Ways to curb such crime, particularly the development of art crime squads, will also be discussed.