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Lessons Not Learned, Fraudsters in the Art Market

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A walk down the memory lane with Larry Salander, Michel Cohen, David Ramos, Knoedler Gallery, Jonathan Poole, Ezra Chowaiki, and Inigo P.

“F” is for Fraud; a theft by any other name would stick as foul. The story of fraud is as old as property law. Someone intentionally misrepresents something to someone who has something to lose and the victim and his property are soon apart. Intent is hard to prove yet many an art dealer have gone to jail for defrauding clients of art or money. There have been so many thieving magpies in the history of art trade, someone should write a cautionary tale.

Join the Center for Art Law for an art law lunch talk with Dean Nicyper, a seasoned art attorney who has litigated some of the best known art fraud cases in the recent decades, and Eileen Kinsella, a senior art market reporter, who has covered in depth Knoedler and Inigo Philbrick cases. Moderated by Irina Tarsis, the conversation will focus on lessons that the art market is refusing to learn, over and over.

Eileen Kinsella is a senior market reporter with artnet news. Prolific and insightful, with more than 20 years of journalistic experience, Eileen has covered countless art law cases and stories. One theme keeps recurring – fraud perpetrated in the art trade.

Dean Nicyper, a partner at Withersworldwide, focuses on commercial disputes, contract disputes, art law, intellectual property, fiduciary liability, product liability, private company investor disputes, and securities litigation and investigations. Again again in his art law practice, Dean has represented defrauded clients in some of best-known art fraud cases.

Irina Tarsis, attorney, founder and Managing Director of the Center for Art Law.

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