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Workshop on Copyright: Ideas, Authorship, and Registration

The world, even the word, of copyright can feel a little daunting at times – Can you copyright an idea? What does it mean to be an “author” of a work? What is “fair use”, and what “copyright infringement” entail? And the most mysterious idea of all remains–how do I even register for a copyright?? Join the Center for Art Law and Amelia K. Brankov in a workshop on copyright basics and the how-to’s on copyright registration.

About our Speaker

Amelia K. Brankov is the founder of Brankov PLLC and focuses her practice on art law, intellectual property law, and litigation. She advises galleries, collectors, artist studios, artist estates and foundations, curators, art advisors, appraisers, and conservators. She represents clients in disputes concerning the title, authenticity, and copyright interests of artwork, as well as business disputes among various players in the art world. She assists clients in all legal aspects of transactions involving artwork including purchase agreements, consignment agreements, and loan agreements. In addition to her fine art practice, Ms. Brankov is noted for her extensive and successful work litigating disputes in the advertising, film, fashion, television, and media industries. She is the Chair of the Art, Antiques & Auctions Advisory Board of Trusts & Estates magazine, and is the Chair of the Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the Art Law Committee of the New York City Bar Association.

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